The Crossroads Of Podcasting


Meet Ray Rideout, Jr. He hosts and produces 3 different podcasts. He has been podcasting for approximately 3 months and have had to make a ton of decisions and has had tons of questions of why I am doing certain things. Being a retired US Army Veteran, he believes that passing instructional information as well as keeping people informed is a way of life. He spends his days as a Training Instructor at a local hospital, and in the evenings he works on his podcasts.

You can learn more about Ray and his podcasts at his website

I had the opportunity to listen to his pre-launch podcast “The Adam and Ray Podcast” You have to put this on your must listen list when he launches it on podbean.  “Its absolutely hilarious.” very rarely do I laugh when listening to a podcast or do I relisten to a podcast after I have downloaded it. I have listened to this one three times now. Its like that part in Down Periscope where the cook farts and the crewmember comments, “Some one needs to sew hais ass shut.” Oh yes it’s that damn funny.


So check out his blog at,


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  1. thecrossroadsofpodcasting

    Thanks for the post Rip! I appreciate all you are doing for me and hope that we can form an alliance to take over the world….oops…I mean hope we can be friends.


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