blab-logoIn the world of social media, Facebook has had little to compete with. It has dominated the social media space with out apology and rightfully so. Mark created a winner from it inception and at the time MySpace was just getting its feet under it, a quick little leg kick and the former champ was out.

So what happens when the reigning heavy weight champ gets threatened though. How will Facebook counter punch the new and very appealing contender Blab? I’ll say this, I have no doubt that the Facebook corner doesn’t plan to throw in the towel. But can this young contender sweep the legs out from under the current champ? Of is all of their efforts going to be for not in the final rounds?

I will be the first to say that I am very impressed with how the launch of Blab has gone. I see Blab being similar to podcasting in the early days with the exception that now that podcasting has exposed the business potential, you will see a faster development of high value content being delivered via blab. I know that is how I plan to leverage blab.

In my opinion, google better be highly invested in the success of Blab. With video recording capabilities, YouTube is going to blow up with new videos of people sitting inblab 1different countries drinking together and those of us who feel that this is the perfect platform to deliver our content.

For now we will watch this young upstart develop into the rightful king of social media. Until then, I am going to work hard to add as much value and content as I can to do my part in raising this amazing social media outlet.

To check out how I plan use Blab, check out Raw & Real After Dark. Come sit down and tell your story and what drives and motivates you to succeed. If you have an announcement or a pitch, bring it. But be real with it because I will call your bull… I want people to know you for you and not for what you do or have to offer.


If you want to get signed in to blab and start your own blab show or just use it to connect with friends, click on the icon below. Thank you for spending time with me reading this post. Till next time, keep it real.

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