Raw & Real Version 2.0

No its not a full reinvention of the show.

What the hell is CJ doing with Raw & Real? well I’ll tell ya. I am dropping the daily podcast FB_IMG_1450966936513goal and switching it to a twice a week show. I’ll launch the new episode of R&R with CJ on Tuesdays and R&R 2.0 on Thursday.

As far as content of each show, they will be quite different. I’m going to continue to bring inspiring interviews to you every Tuesday. I’m not changing any of the format and I am going to continue to get better and better each and every week.

Version 2.0 is actually Average 2 Awesome reformatted to meet the show requirements and format of Raw & Real. I decided to change the name of the podcast because of the epic failure of A2A and I didn’t want that to hang in the darkness. I found a winning format in Raw & Real and after testing it out with in the FB_IMG_1425740353238fitness community, I decided that it was a winner. 

To find out more about Version 2.0 click on the hyperlink below and have a listen. In this episode I am just reintroducing the show and telling you why I am so passionate about fitness and Bodybuilding to be more specific. So sit back and enjoy.

Thank you for being part of the R&R Nation. Click below to start the show.

Raw & Real V2.0 episode 001



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