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Today marks an amazing transformation for Ripka Media Group. I have collaborated with two very powerful allies. Both of them bring raw power and real experience to the table. You will get so much value from each of them that you can not help it when you see a straight road to success that these two map out for you.

Twp-1453842264849.pnghe first one is Dr. Rob Garcia. He is a Transformation Coach, 8 Time Author, CEO of Blue Dragon Enterprises and Editor In Chief to the worlds PREMIER life coaching online magazine, SHIFT Advance Life Design. Dr. Rob will be releasing Blue Dragon Academy later this week and I highly suggest that you go to to register before it is too late.


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Next, you are going to want to meet Autumn Clifford. She is a powerful Personal Development and Business Coach and former Police Officer who turned what she learned in service into a kick you in the face template for success. If you want to learn how to think like a cop and act like a BOSS then you need to check out and find out how she can take you from average to AWESOME. You will also find links where you can sign up for her 8 week program and if you do it right now you can get 10 weeks for the price of 8. And the coaching doesn’t stop until you get your first client.

BotAviary Photo_131015445460569879.pngh of these exceptional mentors are featured on the Raw & Real podcast. Head over to to download their episodes. You can also find us on iTunes and on our home page at Listen to episode 11 and find out how you can get a discount on Autumn Cliffords 8 week program and hear her explain it herself. So until next time, Keep It Raw and Keep It Real.


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