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Get Motivated with “The Prodigy” Scott Doucet

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Me Myself and I Radio #blog

Me Myself and I Radio Episode 26  show notes

Get motivated with Scott “The Prodigy” Doucet

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On this episode of the Me Myself and I Radio podcast, I am joined by my guest Scott Doucet. Scott, 27, hails from Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. Scott is a motivator, podcaster, blogger, coach, and speaker.

“I have the desire to help others obtain confidence, to realize and achieve their goals”

For more information visit Scott Doucet host of Edge-ucation Podcast

Scott has overcome some difficult odds in his past that he shares with us today for the first time ever in an interview.

Anxiety, a word that gets thrown around all to often, Scott has experienced first hand growing up. What I find even more fascinating and inspiring, is that he used this insecurity to fuel his fire. Later on in…

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Podcast Tools and Gadgets (part 1)

We all want to have a more organized and effective workspace. A place to get the creative juices flowing. A place to PODCAST! 💥🎙💥 Welcome to our PDC members for checking out the blog today! There a…

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Saloon No.7 ep. 0 Introduction

In association with Heroes Media Group, I would like to announce the prelaunch episode of Saloon No.7

Saloon 7 hmg

In this episode, I break down the basic concept of the show. Think of it as the audio version of the Television show cheers. I have assembled a cast of show hosts who are with out a doubt some of the most entertaining and funny podcasters I have ever met. 

Throughout history, people would assemble at the local brothels, bars, taverns and saloons to catch up on the current events, gossip and to hear stories. Many urban legends were born and many women burned at the stake based on such gossip.

At Saloon No.7 you will get that same time old tradition of getting caught up on the gossip that we find entertaining and gut splitting funny. Minus the burning at the stake part that is. 

Follow along with Ray, Eddie, Ramona and Rip and see why this will be labeled the funniest new show in podcasting. We are excited to get started and delivering new material each and every Monday to help get your week started off right.

To listen to the 5 minute introduction episode and subscrib, review or follow us early so you will not miss the Preview next week, click on the link below. Thank you and catch you next time at Saloon No.7.

Saloon No.7 ep. 0

Blah Blah Blah

What do you hear when people start ranting?


I’ll admit, when people start going off on their rants I typically tune out. We all do and that is just part of being human. We tend to take what we feel is valuable to what can help us and discard or tune out the rest.

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Mike Penney, Creator of the Five Paragraph Business Plan. This is a Marine who has transitioned out of military service and is dropping more value bombs than a B-1 over an ISIS training facility.  Every time I have an opportunity to get him on the phone I feel like I should be hitting the record button.

To be fair however, you do need to have a basic knowledge on the mind of a combat Marine, Soldier, Airman or Sailor to follow along with him in conversation at times. The M3 process, short for the Military Mind Map Process, looks like a road map of the north eastern part of the United States.


If you want to know more how simple it is to create a business plan for your business, visit

You can also learn more about Mike and Bennet by listening to the Cigars and Seastories Podcast

As an additional bonus for reading this article, check out Bunker In A Box. It is the most valuable entrepreneur resource you can find on the internet. Click on the link Below.

boxBunker In A Box

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